Things Charles is doing in the Casting.

After refitting the shop with new workbenches and some rearranging, we are ready to start the season. I have lots of new molds to work from, as well as new ideas that you will see me carve over the coming year. I am looking forward to seeing old friends and making lots of new friends this year:-)

Most of the casting I will be doing this year is of my ornaments. I make them with molds that I have made myself. I also do the original art work and design. I will be demonstrating this work Tuesday through Saturday at the Ozark folk Center State Park in Mountain View Arkansas.

Please come by & see us there.

This angel is one of a pair. The mate to him is just below. They are sold separately or together.

The little Teapot.

Another one of those critters I can't think of the name of. Oh well, I am getting old! 

One of my many Dinosaurs in to the shop now.

We have lots of critters that I have made molds for over the years. Dogs, cats, birds, dino's, whatever you may want. If I don't have one I will try and make one for you. All the art work is by me and all the molds I have carved myself.